How to choose?

There are two types of gift vouchers:

  • The Magic Flight, CHF 160.00

The Magic Flight only includes the flight itself.

It allows you to personalise your package according to your wishes.

It is possible to add two options:

-The photo/video report of the flight (30.-)

-The lift pass (10.-)

The lift pass is necessary if the beneficiary is not in possession of a 4 Vallées ski pass (Nendaz sector).

Indeed, to get to the take-off site, we have to use the ski lifts.

A Magic Flight + the two options is a complete package.

  • The Complete Package, 200.00 CHF

Turnkey package with all options:

- Magic Flight (160.-)

- The photo/video report of the flight (30.-)

- The lift pass (10.-)